Touch-type Read and Spell

Sussex Senco specialises in teaching learners to touch-type using the TTRS multi-sensory typing program. This program uses a structured vocabulary and sequence of typing tasks and is the perfect tool to enable students to master their reading and spelling skills whilst learning to type.

Small groups are taught in no more than a 1:10 teacher/pupil ratio. During sessions, they are encouraged to assume and maintain the correct posture and to use the correct finger positioning without looking at the keys whilst working through each module. As pupils progress, through repeated practice and the wonders of muscle memory, they are provided with opportunities to improve their speed and accuracy during spelling exercises and creative writing sessions.

The course is suitable for new students who wish to learn the basics of touch-typing, as well as intermediate students who aim to continue to develop their existing skills by correcting minor faults and improving accuracy and speed.

Teaching sessions are usually held at the Jubilee Library in the centre of Brighton.

Benefits of Learning to Touch-Type

  • Legibility and presentation of work improves dramatically

  • Editing is a far easier process. Students are able to see what they are writing during the process of composition so that they can identify and correct errors as they occur

  • With practice, typing speeds will soon increase beyond those achieved when writing by hand. This assists note taking in class and will prove particularly useful when writing under timed conditions

  • Alleviates visual stress, reducing the range of movement from book/keyboard to screen to classroom whiteboard

  • Eligible students who are able to touch-type in exams are knAown to improve their grades considerably

Course Dates - Autumn 2019

10 hours tuition over 5 days plus access to computer package for three weeks

Cost: £245 payable in advance (reduced fee available for siblings and successive weeks)


October 21 - 25

5 Day Intensive


October 28 - Nov 1

5 Day Intensive


Weekly Touch-typing Courses

The discipline of attending weekly TTRS sessions can also be invaluable if regular self-study is proving difficult to encourage and maintain.

The average length of attendance on a course is three to five terms.