Bernadine taught me GCSE English. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My career in communications - speech writing, copy editing, personal impact - still draws on what I learnt. She taught me how to grab an audience’s attention, deploy rhetoric and appreciate the beauty of prose. These are life skills! I couldn’t recommend her more. Alastair, Camden

Bernadine has been a tutor and mentor for both of my children throughout their secondary education specifically tutoring English, both language and literature. She also has worked with my eldest daughter, helping structure and organise ideas for essay writing up to degree dissertation level. With Bernadine's help my daughter (who has dyslexia) achieved a high level degree pass. Bernadine's approach is both sensitive to her students' needs and extremely effective. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in catering for a diversity of needs is more than apparent. She brings originality and fun into her teaching and never fails to get her students on board. Ann, Hove

Bernadine was an enormous help to our son who had become overwhelmed around the time of his mock A-levels. She helped him with his revision planning and exam technique and he responded to her help immediately. Bernadine was able to analyse where he needed to focus attention with his answers so that he could make improvements. He conducted his exams in a calm way, knowing what he had to do. We are very grateful for her help. Julie, Brighton

Bernadine is a very experienced teacher. My family lived abroad for a few years, returning to the UK in 2015. As a result, my daughters’ English was not good enough to keep up with students their own age. Bernadine helped them with one-to-one tuition. Very quickly, I could see the tremendous improvement in my daughters’ school performance. Now they not only keep up with the girls in the same year, but they are excelling academically. I am extremely pleased with Bernadine’s teaching. Angela, Hove

My daughter approached her TTRS course this summer with some apprehension, but she left her first session smiling and enthusiastic and this continued throughout the week. Bernadine provided friendly and knowledgeable support to us, both before, and during the course. My daughter is still practising her touch typing with enthusiasm and she is making excellent progress. Anne, Eastbourne

I attended the half-term touch-typing course, which I really enjoyed and I improved massively over the four days. The program was well broken down so it was easy to understand and Bernadine offered helpful advice when I was struggling. The atmosphere was relaxed and purposeful and Bernadine was very welcoming. I would definitely recommend the course. Rosie, Hove

The week we spent learning to touch type was invaluable; great for me as a daily computer user but also an important life skill for my daughter to acquire before she embarks upon GCSEs. Bernadine was undeniably the best teacher for the job because she was supportive, fun and highly skilled. Nicola, Brighton

I found that my accuracy and speed with typing went up dramatically, even after just a few sessions. Bernadine helped me identify my mistakes early on and stopped me from falling into bad typing habits. Roma, Brighton