English Teacher/Learning Support Specialist/TTRS Touch-Typing Tutor

As an experienced practitioner, Bernadine has taught English Language and Literature at secondary level, as well as leading a successful Learning Support Department, specialising for over ten years within the field. Consequently, she is well-versed in collaborating with pupils, parents, colleagues and external agencies to best meet each individual’s unique needs.

She has a proven record of excellent public examination results at GCSE and Advanced Levels; this is due to the provision of creative and detailed teaching and an ability to connect with and inspire students with a range of learning needs to develop confidence and realise their potential.

As well as teaching English Language and Literature, Bernadine has taught History and RS at GCSE and has extensive experience in providing individual learning support to A Level students in subjects such as Philosophy, Psychology, History and Politics. Her experience also extends to providing support to university undergraduates in critiquing arguments, developing research methods and improving essay technique.

She also provides touch-typing tuition using the TTRS multi-sensory typing program to support students who are or will potentially be entitled to use a computer in exams.